Custom Rugs

The custom process allows our clients to create a rug that fits their individual needs.  Our years of experience can help facilitate the selection of pattern, scale, weave, and materials used for your one of a kind rug.  The goal is to actualize a rug that reflects your character and style.

  • Design: Choose from hundreds of existing patterns, or bring us a design idea we can translate to a rug.

  • Size: Custom rugs can be ordered in any size or shape.  Looms are built to accommodate the rug you want.

  • Color: Hundreds of yarn colors are available to choose from.  Tweed colors together to for added texture.

  • Knot Count: Knot counts range from 40 to 150 knots per inch.  The higher the knot count the thinner the rug, and more detail achieved.

  • Materials:  Our custom rugs are woven with Tibetan wool, Chinese silk, hemp or a combination of the three.